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Prosper by Scarlett Lillian :: Official Launch

A few weeks back I had the exciting opportunity of sharing about Prosper, a 40 Day Prayer Journey To Pray God’s Will For Your Photography Business by Scarlett Lillian. Come and read her heartfelt “Fabulous Female” interview. On March 1st, Scarlett made the official launch of her first book.  I am so excited for her and am excited to incorporate the book into my own personal life.

In Scarlett’s own words, she says, “Over 3 years ago, I felt the Lord tell me to write a Christian devotional for photographers called Prosper: A 40-Day Prayer Journey to Seek God’s Will For Your Photography Business.  I tried so much to not finish it.  I know it’s a bold move in this crazy industry we are in, and I didn’t want the responsibility, and flat out didn’t have the courage to do it.  But yet, God kept encouraging me to write and kept providing inspiration.  And now over 53,000 words later, I have completed a book.”

Denver wedding photographer

Want to know what this book is all about? Join Scarlett Lillian on a 40-day journey to radically change everything you knew about how to run your photography business.  In this book, you will learn how to let go and let God be the One to take control of your business and bless it beyond what you could ever create for yourself. Through Scarlett’s personal journal entries and prayers, you will learn through her journey how to cover your business in prayer to allow God to prosper it in amazing ways that will leave a beautiful impact in the lives of the clients you are serving.  
Meet Scarlett! (Her gorgeous wedding photo by Zach and Jody Gray)
Denver wedding photography
Come check out where you can find all the information you need about Scarlett’s book – as well as her promo video!