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Meet Jessica McTaggart, the fabulous woman who started and runs the business Pink Champagne Events - a full service wedding and event planning company that is based in Denver, Colorado. She has been planning extravagant events for over 10 years now.  Not only is she a successful business woman, but she is also a wife and mother to a little boy named Liam.

Denaver wedding photographer with Pink Champagne Events

Denver wedding photographer with Pink Champagne EventsDenver wedding photographer with Pink Champagne Events

I had the opportunity to meet Jessica the other day and all I can say is … WOW! She is an incredible lady that I would hire in a heartbeat. Colorado brides, put Jessica at the top of your list of people to contact. She will make your wedding day spectacular and you will have such an amazing time working with her!

Denver wedding photographer with Pink Champagne Events

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1. How did Pink Champagne Events get started?

Pink Champagne Events was started to satisfy the creative side of my event planning experience.  I’ve worked in the wedding and event industry for several years, but never had the opportunity to be as creative as this business has allowed.

2. What services do you offer to brides?

The services that Pink Champagne offers vary based on how involved the client would like me to be.  And although there are several packages to choose from, my most popular packages are the month-of package and my specialty; full-service planning and design.  I love it when couples want me to be involved from “Will You?” and “Yes” to “I Do!

3. Are there any trends that you see for the upcoming 2012 wedding season?

There are lots of creative trends that I see for 2012.  Most of them are still vintage-related with soft colors, rustic and natural elements, and a little bit of a bling factor.  I’m also seeing lots of the “ombre” colored elements (starting with a really dark or light color and working in the same color scheme to the other end of the spectrum), as well as tons of DIY pieces or brides who want to pay for the DIY look.  Lots of the trends are falling into an eco-friendly or eco-conscious type category.

Denver wedding photographer with Pink Champagne Events

Denver wedding photographer with Pink Champagne Events

4. How did you choose the name Pink Champagne Events?

When thinking of business names, I fell back on a creative technique I learned while at college.  I made two lists of random words.  The first contained words that are popular in the wedding industry (Pink was on this list) and the second was a list of words that would resonate with my ideal client (Champagne was on this list).  After trying several different combinations, doing a ton of industry research for existing company names, and six months of back and forth, I finally decided on Pink Champagne!

5.  What are the benefits of a bride hiring you as a wedding planner vs. doing it all themselves?
As any wedding planner will tell you, working with one vs. going it alone is always going to benefit the bride.  The sooner I’m brought into the planning mix, the more money, time and sanity I can save her.  Not only do I scout and recommend venues and vendors based on her individual budget and style, I also serve as vendor communication liaison, a constant source of etiquette and protocol, negotiator and peacemaker.
6.  What are some of the many publications you’ve been featured in?
Let me just say that I LOVE publications!!  They help me stay on top of trends, popular local vendors and they allow me to be educated with what brides are seeing.  I’ve been fortunate to partner with several dozen fantastic vendors to be featured in publications such as Green Wedding Shoes, Borrowed and Bleu, Say I Do Denver, COUTUREColorado, Best Wedding Sites, Tutto Bella Blog, Mile High Bride and was just recently accepted to be in Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine.
7.  What areas does your company serve in Colorado? Do you do destination weddings?
Although Pink Champagne is based in Denver, we are available to clients worldwide!  I’ve been lucky enough to work with several great couples from out-of-state who came to CO for their destination wedding!  I’ve also worked on a few destination weddings outside of Colorado and those are always a blast!
8. What do you love most about your job?
There are several things I love about my job.  I think number one definitely has to be the clients that I work with.  I also love the flexibility my schedule allows me and the ability to constantly be creating.  And…to be honest, it doesn’t hurt that my job “requires” me to be on Pinterest most of the day.
9. Tell us something unique about you that a lot of people wouldn’t know?
Something unique about me is that when I first went to college I wanted to be an Accountant!  I’ve always been very good with numbers, but after my first 3 or 4 classes it was blaringly obvious that was not where my talents should be focused!

Denver wedding photographer with Pink Champagne Events

10. What tips would you share for finding balance between advancing your career and caring for your family?
I’ve struggled with finding a balance between career and family.  As a female business owner, who also works from home, I’m constantly being pulled in a million different directions at one time.  And with the advances in phone technology it’s so easy to check my email, and my Facebook, and my Twitter, etc, etc…  So recently, I’ve turned to simply shutting the phone and computer off at a certain time each night and not turning them back on until a certain time each morning.  And I have to say that my family seems to love the technology free mama and my clients are still receiving amazing service!
11. What are your top 3 favorite wedding venue locations in Colorado?
Top 3 wedding venues in Colorado…wow that’s a tough one, we have so many great venues!  But, I have to say T Lazy 7 Ranch in Aspen, iconic Red Rocks Ampitheatre, and the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park would be my top 3.  All of them have a very different ambiance, history, and are truly representative of what Colorado has to offer!