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Fabulous Female :: Promise Tangeman

Denver Wedding Photographer interviews Promise Tangeman

Meet Promise Tangeman – an over the top talented web and graphic designer. Promise lives in Phoenix with her musically talented husband and their furry new child. She has designed websites for photographers such as Jasmine Star, Gabriel Ryan, and many others that you can see here in her design portfolio. This past year she was also the art and graphic design director for Jasmine Star’s Exposed Magazine. Promise has made website design so much more accessible to people by creating her line of Sitehouse designs. These designs are handcrafted by Promise and completely customizable using Showit software. I just launched my own new website for Laura Gravelle Photography last week using Showit and I can’t say enough about the company and all the friends I’ve had the opportunity to meet in the Showiteer community.

Denver Wedding Photographer with Promise Tangeman

{Photo by Troy Grover Photography}

1. How did you get started in the graphic design and web design business?

I always loved art, painting, making things, reconstructing my clothes on rainy days and all that fun stuff. I knew that I wanted a career in art and graphic design just seemed like the art of the future. And it seemed like a very practical way to get paid for doing art that helps someone and their business. I went to design school to refine my passion. Its been a great career for me so far. Every business needs design work.

2. Do you have a favorite website that you have designed over the years?

I really loved working with Randy Fenoli from the TLC Show Say Yes To The Dress. They were great to work with and I felt that the website was a very unique representation of his style.

3. Your style groups are absolutely fabulous! Where do you find your inspiration for creating such unique and creative designs?

I LOOOVE creating these designs. I release a new collection of designs about every 6 months (February and August) I LOOVE websites. It’s like your home on the web… So  I am constantly inspired and on the look out for new inspiration for those collections. The web world moves so fast, so new design trends inspire the collection. I always want my designs to be fresh, modern, and REALLY current! Next month I am releasing a new series of limited editions and I am SUPER stoked about it. and the BEST part about these designs… is that they are COMPLETELY customizable. Like completely. Other design companies only allow you to edit the design… But these you can completely change in any way by just dragging and dropping. NO one has anything like this right now! It makes me so excited!! You can check out the designs at

4. Tell us about the new furry addition to your family!

We just got a new puppy named Parker! He is a goldendoodle and the cutest and sweetest as can be!! Ahh he totally stole our hearts! We have a hashtag for him on instagram: #thedogparker. Check it out to see some of our photos. :)

5. What is the number one tip you would give to someone who is designing their own website – either from a blank template or using one of your style groups?

My advice is to really focus on your work… and keep the design simple. I think your business is perceived as stronger if you have a simple design as compared to a really crazy design that is not done by a professional. To put it bluntly… simple is WAAY better than tacky. Oh and keep the paragraph text to 14 or 15 size font. Any bigger than that looks a bit young… like a website for children. Small text (that is readable) has a very sophisticated and mature look to it.

6. What is a fun and unique fact about you that a lot of people may not know?

Haha. I played basketball and soccer in high school…and I was the only girl on the weightlifting team!! HECK YEA!!!!

7. You have partnered up with Showit websites. What do you love about Showit compared to other website design platforms?

Showit is a mind blowing website creating software that you can build with just dragging and dropping. There is NO coding necessary and nobody has anything like this! It’s flash based with HTML5 for all mobile devices!! They are KILLING it right now! I use that software because I don’t have to pay and wait for a developer to implement my designs. I can do it on my own time anytime and do it JUST the way I want it done! It’s brilliant. I recommend for a first time Showit user to implement their website with a style group first. They have free ones inside the software… and for designer style groups you can visit my Sitehouse shop and purchase on of my designs. We also have free designs on our site as well.

8. What do you love most about your job?

I love creating art. and better yet … creating art that empowers people to have confidence in their business. I love helping to give wings to creative businesses!

9. In our busy culture, how do you find balance between running a very successful business, being a wife, and having deep friendships?

To be honest … I am not sure there is a balance and “perfect” schedule. I think it works differently for every family. Our motto is “work hard play hard!” My husband is very busy like I am … and so we just find our rhythm together. In the last year or so we found that we like to work hard and take frequent vacations. Every 6 months or so we get away and do something together! Next month we are going on a cruise for a week.  I am sure we will fall into a different schedule when we have children … but we love what we’re doing now.

10. Where do find your own fashion inspiration?

My fashion inspiration has always been an artsy-rock-slightly tomboy look. I am not sure exactly where that comes from … but it’s just one of those gut instincts that THIS is how it should be, type of thing. haha.