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Today’s “Fabulous Female” is Kendall Rodriguez, Vice President of The Yes Girls. She has always loved people, building relationships and seeing them gather together and have a wonderful time! She graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Human Relations and a minor in Psychology of Leadership. While at school she always found herself loving to host parties and events with friends! She even created a “fake wedding” that her friends still talk about today!

She grew up watching her Mom plan events as well as weddings. It just seemed like the perfect fit to take her love of people and events and direct it towards planning weddings and creating unbelievable marriage proposal ideas. And she gets to work with her best friends? Enough said!

Denver engagement photographer

{I am so excited to be partnering with The Yes Girls as their Denver engagement and proposal photographer. So c’mon men, contact The Yes Girls today to start planning that proposal to the woman of your dreams!}

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How did The Yes Girls begin?

Heather, our President, started the company in 2008. Originally conceived as a wedding planning business, The Yes Girls decided to focus on proposal planning after internet searches showed that there was no custom service like that available.

January 2009 marked the website launch and a week later Heather landed her first proposal. Kendall started off part-time, but has been full-time since 2010.

What services do The Yes Girls offer?

We have three different packages.

1. Brainstorm Package-$95 A client completes our relationship questionnaire and within 3 business days we send them 2-3 personalized and custom proposal ideas unique to their relationship.

2. Planning Package- Starts at $900 If a client already has an idea, we can execute and arrange the idea from start to finish.

3. Simply Perfect Proposal Package- Starts at $1000 This package is a combination of the first two. You get two personalized ideas and, in addition, we help plan and execute everything!

Tell us more about the different women on your staff.

We are all best friends from Orange County, California where we attended Mission Viejo High School. Actually, Heather, Lindsay and Becca have known each other since elementary school. Heather and I are the only ones who work full time on proposals, while Becca and Lindsay pitch in when we need extra creativity with the ideas! I live in Orange County and I will be celebrating my one year anniversary with my husband next month. Heather and her husband are stationed in Vacaville (Northern), Ca. Her husband is a pilot in the Air Force. Becca lives in Virginia Beach, VA and she just got married to her Navy Seal husband in November. Lindsay also lives in Northern California, but will be moving back to Orange County after her wedding in July. Heather and I feel so blessed that as best friends we get to work together at something we love.

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What cities are you currently offering your services in?

We offer our proposal services all over the United States. We have even done international proposals

How will a guy proposing to his girlfriend know that his proposal plan will be unique to them as a couple?

We are all about personalization! We never use the same proposal idea twice. To guarantee that the proposal will be personal to the girl and couple, all of our clients fill out our relationship questionnaire. The questionnaire gives us an inside look into their lives. We ask about everything from all of her favorite things (ie: flower, food, music, color etc.) to what they did on their first date and dreams they share as a couple. We ask, “When did you first say, I love you?” and “What is your love language?” Our proposals are based around this questionnaire and any other information the guy gives us.

Denver engagement photography

Why should someone hire your company to help them plan a proposal rather than just doing it themselves?

The Yes Girls specialize in PERSONALIZED marriage proposals. Secondly, we provide you with a female’s perspective! No proposal is alike or recycled like the ideas you will find by surfing the internet. Our consultants believe in originality and matching marriage proposal ideas to your relationship. Proposing marriage is a sacred moment, which is why each of our clients receive an individual consultant to discuss, create, plan and customize their marriage proposal. There is no reason for you to use another man’s marriage proposal idea. Furthermore, we will gather quality vendors within your budget, and handle all the day of coordination involved so all you have to remember is to bring her engagement ring!

Do you have a favorite proposal that you have planned?

I have sooo many favorites, but this one popped into my mind first. This proposal was inspired by the Disney movie, “Up.” The movie reminded the bride-to-be of her grandparents’ relationship, so we created their own special “Up” setting in the middle of a grand Las Vegas Pool Deck. Here is the link to the full post with pictures and video.

You are also wedding planners. Are those services available to brides in Colorado?

We primarily plan weddings in Northern and Southern California, but are available to plan proposals anywhere. In October, former proposal clients are flying us to Sante Fe, New Mexico to be their wedding planners. The bride was so impressed with her proposal that she wanted to work with us for the wedding! So we are open to traveling.


Here is what men are saying about their experience with The Yes Girls (view actual proposal photos HERE) -

“The proposal was awesome and I accomplished my goal of creating a story that she will never forget. The roses were beautiful, the photographer was fantastic and the staff was friendly, excited and nervous. It was such a fun experience. I can’t thank you enough for all your help. I consider myself very lucky to have had such a great secret weapon in my corner.”


“You pulled it off, the experience and memories have left my friends in awe. I could have never done this without you. The little touches made the day! With my busy schedule, I was able to count on you for all the details. You did a tremendous job and I cant say thanks enough for all your help!”

Denver engagement photographer

Denver proposal and engagement photography Denver engagement and proposal photography with the Yes Girls Events

The Yes Girls donate 5 percent of every Simply Perfect Proposal Package’s profit and 2 percent of their wedding package profits to Rahab Bazaar. Rahab Bazaar is a non-profit organization based out of Bangkok, Thailand that financially supports, educates, and provides safe housing to women and children escaping the sex trafficking industry.

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