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Zach & Erin :: Married

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Sometimes the person you will marry will be somebody that you have known for a long time and when you least expect it, romantic sparks start flying! This was the story of Zach and Erin. Over 10 years ago, Zach’s oldest sister married Erin’s oldest brother. Their families were already intertwined, but on August 12, the two families celebrated again. They said their vows at a sunset ceremony on the golf green at Thornapple Valley Golf Course with a party following.

Last winter, Zach and Erin realized that they were both on similar paths in life and fell in love. As their relationship developed, they decided that they didn’t just want to live every day ordinary lives. They wanted to live life on the edge as a newly married couple. After a honeymoon in Mexico, they packed up their belongings and a U-Haul truck and moved across the country to…DENVER!!! Yes, I am very excited to have them as my new neighbors! They are partnering with us in starting a church in Denver that loves people and loves Jesus.

I heard a great illustration recently from my wise Dad about living a life that is radical. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Zimbabwe, you have to take the time to go to the one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World – Victoria Falls. You can pay big bucks to have adventure guides take you on a wild whitewater rafting trip on the Zambezi River which runs under the falls. The rapids exceed a level 6 which is the highest and most dangerous level of rapids. It is guaranteed that your raft will flip. It is of utter importance that rafters keep their whits about them and know what to do in order to live. Stay in the rough, white, water. What? That sounds backwards. The guides will tell people, whatever you do, don’t swim to shore or to the calm, still waters. Why? Well that is where the hungry crocodiles are waiting for their lunch. Life can be like that. Often times we “swim” toward the calmest and safest waters we can find. When we finally get to that place, the abundant life that we expected to find is missing or empty. On the contrary, when we embrace radical living, move toward a life with Jesus and take risks that require everything that we can give, there is life and fulfillment. Zach and Erin, I am so proud that you are facing challenges head on and “swimming” toward the risky waters!

Denver, Colorado wedding photographer

Denver, CO wedding photographer

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