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DIY Chalkboard Vases

DIY wedding reception centerpieces
Meet Amy, founder of Belles on a Budget.  A huge trend right now is to do DIY wedding projects. I’m the type of person that cannot come up with cute DIY projects on my own.   I need other creative people to show me ideas and walk me through the creation step by step.  Amy has done exactly that with some super cute DIY chalk board vases.  These are great for wedding decorations or just for a fun project to display in your house. We would love to see photos of your own vases after you’ve made them. Send us photos and we’ll show them off for you!
Belles on a Budget is a blog dedicated to helping brides and grooms plan their weddings and honeymoons on a budget. It was started by Amy- an event planner for a non-profit, a bargain shopper, and a huge fan of all things wedding.
The goal of Belles on a Budget is to give tips, inspiration, and the latest wedding bargains to help you have that wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.
DIY wedding reception centerpieces
DIY Chalkboard Vases
By Amy of Belles on a BudgetI love a good wedding DIY project. These handmade details create a unique look for your big day, show off your style and craftiness, and help you make the most of your wedding budget. And even better if the project repurposes items to be environmentally friendly.
These DIY Chalkboard Vases are fantastic because they are cute, cheap, and easy to make! They would be perfect as table decorations or reception details on your wedding day. The chalkboard paint is a fun touch- use it to personalize the vases with your initials, table numbers, or special messages to your guests!I made these out of recycled Starbucks Frappuccino bottles because I loved their shape, but you could do the same with any glass bottles you like. To make this very budget-friendly, just keep bottles and jars from items you already use- so check your recycle bin for inspiration!Supplies:
- Glass bottles or jars
- Masking tape
- Chalkboard spray paint
- Chalk
- (And on your wedding day- flowers to put in the vases.)
DIY wedding centerpieces
Step 1: Remove labels and soak in warm, soapy water to remove any label residue. When you dry the bottles they should be completely smooth so you don’t have any imperfections in the paint.
Step 2: Cover the areas you do not want painted in masking tape. My bottles had expiration dates on them, so I made sure that those would be covered with the paint.
Step 3: Paint the bottles with the spray paint. This is messy, so do it outside with cardboard under the bottles. I found that two coats make for a much better finish, so let the first coat dry and do it again.
Step 4: Remove the tape and admire your handiwork.
Step 5: Make them pretty! Use chalk to personalize the vases and fill with flowers that match your wedding colors and theme. I just love how these turned out!
The cost breakdown:
- Frappuccino bottles- got them on sale for $1.00 each. Make this cheaper by using bottles from your recycle bin!
- Chalkboard Spray Paint- $3.50 from A.C. Moore with 50% off coupon
- Chalk- $1 at Target for way more that I neededTotal cost per vase: $2.50! Plus, the spray paint and chalk could last for many more vases, so your cost per vase will go down if you make more.I’m not including the cost of flowers, since this will vary greatly depending on what you envision, but the flowers pictured are from one bouquet I picked up at Safeway for $9.99!

The result: pretty and unique details or centerpieces that would work with many wedding styles for just a few dollars each. Definitely budget-friendly!

Laura Gravelle is an international wedding photographer based in Denver, Colorado.  Available for weddings anywhere in the world! – Booking weddings for 2012 and 2013.
Nancy Tate Mitchell - March 19, 2012 - 4:38 pm

LOVE this tip! Thanks for sharing!