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Denver wedding photographer with Anabeth Morgan

One of the highlights of living in Denver is that I now live by this VERY incredible woman – Anabeth Morgan. I feel so honored to be able to call her my new friend. She is a very gifted worship leader who knows how to lead people right to Jesus. Not only that, she is really fun! Whenever Anabeth is around you are bound to have a great time! Leading worship with Anabeth has been one of my favorite Denver moments so far. I look forward to a lifetime of friendship and partnership in ministry with her.

Wedding Photographer in Denver

1. In the past year you moved from Houston, Texas and a job position with Vineyard Music. What made you decide to relocate to Denver?

I really felt like the Lord had been growing in my heart the desire to pastor and love people. I was able to do that with Vineyard Music to some degree, but when Jay Pathak (the senior pastor at the Mile High Vineyard) pursued me for my current position as Worship Pastor at his church in Denver, the Lord lined up every detail to make it work out. My husband, Kyle, really felt like the Lord spoke and said that we were supposed to move, and I saw the Lord meet us in every need and gave us some great prophetic words and moments that could not be denied that this was the right thing to do. I am so glad that we did! It has been wonderful :)

2. When did you begin leading worship? Do you envision yourself doing it forever?

I began leading worship in Kansas City, Missouri at the Kansas City North Vineyard. I was 22 years old when I started leading worship at that church and it set my heart on fire. I knew that I had stepped into something that God has made me for. I have been learning ever since and still feel most days so under-qualified but mostly grateful that the Lord would use me for His Kingdom in this way. I honestly feel that even if my singing voice were gone, I would want to teach and pass along all that God is putting in me when it comes to leading worship. So, YES I AM IN IT FOREVER!

3. You are such an inspiration to so many worship leaders. What worship leaders have you found to be your inspiration over the years?

Here are some of them:

* Curt Bartlett: he was my first worship pastor and taught and gave me space to begin in my worship journey that was so vital to making it!

* Noelle Shearer: she is a good friend and such a support for me to believe in what God has placed inside of me with songs and creativity and leading. Also, she writes songs like crazy and leads worship with such a Kingdom perspective.

* Michael Hansen: he is so humble and still has the heart of a servant after doing ministry for a long time; I am so grateful that he allowed me to lead in Columbus when I lived there.

* Casey Corum: he taught me SO much about being a better musician and not fearing the space in worship where God can move that can feel a bit risky to step into.

* Other leaders that have inspired me from a distance: Rita Springer, Marie Barnett, Diane Thiel, Brooke Fraser

4. Do you have any advice that you would share with worship leaders who are just beginning?

Do things even when you are scared. I have led so many times scared and God has been faithful every time to meet me and use me, which leads to further freedom in Him. Also, it is so important that you spend time worshipping every day whether in your car or with your guitar in your house. I have learned most of how I lead worship by having intimate time with Jesus that leads to intimate time in front of others when I am in a corporate worship setting. To be a great worship leader means loving Jesus more than loving music and desiring to see people encounter Him so that they may be changed forever! This is why we worship!

5. How have you felt yourself change and grow since moving to Denver?

I have grown so much since we moved to Denver. I have never been a pastor before that people look at to make decisions and oversee so many people. It has been a learning experience for sure. I have learned that it is really hard to take people to places that you have never been yourself. This is why it is so important to share your story with other people because there is power in the things that I have experienced. Also, I have learned that caring for my soul will help me do ministry for the long-haul. I am loving the community here in Denver and am learning so much from all of the great people around me. I see that I have changed as God is setting me free from fear that has gripped my heart for some time now. I am willing to risk more because I feel His grace to make mistakes along the way as long as I am loving others well and trying to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the process. Again, this is such a sweet time for me and my husband!

6. You have many songs that have been published. What is it like hearing yourself singing and playing guitar on a CD?!?!?

It still makes my face turn bright red to hear myself singing. It is never easy to hear yourself because I tend to be my own worst critic. I am grateful to have the opportunities to record and be a part of something that God is doing within the Vineyard churches and hopefully outside. It is like sprinkles on ice cream… they make it even better :)

7. What is currently your favorite worship song?

I am loving the song “God of the Redeemed” by Jeremy Riddle and friends.

8. When you are not working, how do enjoy spending your spare time?

I love to spend time with my husband, Kyle, hiking and skiing in the mountains. I also LOVE to shop with friends and read good books.

9. Where is your favorite place you have traveled?

I can’t choose a favorite, so I will give you 2 … My favorite city in the US that I have gone to so far is Seattle, Washington. I am in LOVE with London … I secretly want to be British :)


Anabeth’s songs can be found at the Vineyard Music website or on iTunes. One of my favorite newer albums is I Love Your Presence – recorded live at the Phoenix Vineyard. Anabeth is leading worship on this album and it is INCREDIBLE!

You can purchase it HERE.

Also check out the song “Form Us” that Anabeth co-wrote with Casey Corum.