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Fabulous Females :: The Boudoir Vixen


Denver Wedding Photographer - The Boudoir Vixen


Meet Courtney Dellafiora, the owner of The Boudoir Vixen photography studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Courtney and her staff have built an incredibly successful studio and are amongst the top in the boudoir photography industry. I know that I, as well as so many of my photographer friends, go to The Boudoir Vixen’s website and blog for fresh photography inspiration.

Denver wedding photography Boudoir Vixen

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1. How did the Boudoir Vixen business start?

I have been shooting boudoir for about 8 or 9 years and have absolutely always loved it, but formed The Boudoir Vixen in November of 2009 after realizing it was the perfect name for my boudoir brand. Ever since The Boudoir Vixen became official, our business has grown in ways I am so proud of and I am so excited to see it continue to grow in the future.

2. Please introduce us to the fabulous women on your staff.

I could not do what I do without my amazingly wonderful and talented team. They all play such a huge role in our company and in helping make women feel loved and beautiful.
Owner/Photographer: Courtney Dellafiora, yours truly
Assistant/Manager: Deirdre Dore’
Hair/Makeup: Brandi B.
Hair/Makeup: Mekail M.

3. In a culture where marriages are falling apart, you are giving women a very special gift to give to their husbands. Do you have stories of clients who have seen their marriages transformed because of your boudoir photography?

Absolutely. We get countless letters and emails from our clients writing to tell us how much their boudoir shoot changed their life and relationships. It is amazing to me how much of an impact a boudoir shoot has on a woman and her confidence. It radiates in her relationship and makes drastic changes in her aura, which ultimately changes everything else around her. Including the way her husband or significant other sees her.

4. If a women was teetering on the edge of whether or not to do a boudoir session because she felt insecure about herself, what would you tell her?

We reassure all of our potential clients that every single woman who comes to do a shoot with us feels nervous about it. We understand that it can be extremely nerve-wracking to consider doing a boudoir shoot and we reassure every one that we will help them every step of the way. The Boudoir Vixen prides itself on understanding our clients needs and how to help women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. Boudoir is for every woman. No matter their shape, size, age or race.

Denver boudoir photographer

5. How do you make women feel comfortable and let go of their inhibitions when they come into the studio for their boudoir session?

Our clients are greeted with a friendly smile and glass of champagne as soon as they get to our studio. We then take them into our fabulous hair/makeup room where one of our stylists spend around an hour and half talking to them, while they get dolled up and making them feel comfortable in the atmosphere. We also have super fun, upbeat and sexy music playing throughout our entire studio which just makes our clients feel like supermodels. Once it’s time for their shoot to begin, I give them a little pep talk to help loosen them up and feel more comfortable and then I proceed to guide them through their entire shoot helping them rock it out.

6. What is a fun fact about you that a lot of people might not know?

I was homeschooled my entire life and also spent most of my teenage years on the mission field in Peru, South America. I didn’t grow up having the “normal” life most kids have and I truly believe it helped build so much character in my life and plays a huge role in who I am today.

7. What is a piece of advice that you would give to photographers who are just starting out their business?

The biggest advice I can give to a new photographer is to get as much experience behind a camera before you start your business. I did photography purely as a hobby for 3 years before I ever decided it was the right thing for me. I then began earning an income after realizing it was my calling in my life. I don’t believe schooling is necessarily a must (although helpful), but I do believe it is crucial potential photographers get a lot of experience with this art to be sure it’s the right thing for them.

8. What is your biggest dream?

To change the world by bringing confidence and beauty back into women’s lives.

{Here is a look at some of the studio setups that The Boudoir Vixen uses. Just gorgeous!}

studio photographs of Denver wedding photography

Denver wedding photography studio photos

I was so impressed a few weeks back when Courtney announced her new advertisement – a massive billboard! How cool is that?!?!

Denver boudoir photography

Connect With Courtney and The Boudoir Vixen:
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